Health & Human Performance Patient Testimonials

“Dr.Cobey is the best! She spends more time with her patients than any other chiropractor I have been to. Some days I go in there with a long list of things and she goes through each one and is very thorough, never rushed. I had been to other chiropractors and told them about my elbow pain but it seemed like there was nothing they could do. I thought maybe chiros only cracked your spine! I told Dr. Cobey just to let her know and she was able to adjust it and do some trigger points that released the muscle which has helped a lot. I couldn’t hold a plank before seeing Dr. Cobey because I had a cyst on my wrist that prevented my hand from bending back all the way but now I can do them without a problem! When I had allergies, she adjusted my ear and immediately I could feel my ears drain. She adjusts my feet when they’re hurting. There is nothing this woman can’t do! I am so glad I found her and I hope she is forever my chiropractor.”

Himeno V.

“Dr. Cobey is a magician! I had a severe muscle spasm and had trouble walking, sitting, laying down, getting up, etc for almost 4 days. I saw her on the 4th day, and she completely adjusted my entire body. I felt 100% better and was able to move without hurting at all! Thank you Dr. Cobey!!!!!!!!

Pearl R.

“I LOVE Dr.Cobey! She has helped me so much with my neck and shoulder pain as well as a recent issue I was having with my jaw. The staff at the office is super nice and helpful as well. I would recommend Dr.Cobey to anyone who needs a great chiropractor!”

Michelle R.

“I absolutely love this place! I was referred by my aunt when I told her I wanted to see a chiropractor. I had never seen a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I made an appointment with Dr Cobey about 2 years ago and I’ve been going every two weeks or so since. Every staff member I have interacted with was nice and professional. I had some issues with my insurance for a while (I was in between coverage no fault of theirs) and the front desk staff was always helpful, accommodating, and understanding. Dr. Cobey is an amazing doctor! I ALWAYS feel better after an adjustment. Just tell her where it hurts and she’ll crack you back into place. Truly life changing. I could not have asked for a better place to come to. Thank you guys!

Alexis C.

“Dr. Tanya Cobey has absolutely saved me! My I’ve had pretty bad back pain for a while and they have gotten significantly better every time I go to her! I feel like a new person! She explains everything before she does it and answers my millions of questions. The front desk is always so sweet and professional! I could not give a higher recommendation of this place! I’ve sent about 4 other people here and they’re all obsessed and have noticed such a positive difference in their bodies! The massage therapists are also so amazing! Thank you HHP for helping me and my weird body issues! Haha”

Taylor G.