Let Us Help

In order to ensure we are the best fit for your care, we will require a few preliminary bits of information from you. When calling to schedule an appointment, we will need the following information. Please have it ready when calling to schedule:

  • Auto Insurance Declaration’s Page
  • Do you have Medical Payment through your Auto Insurance?
  • Were you deemed “at-fault” by your, or the other party’s auto insurance?
  • Auto Insurance Information (Policy ID#, Claim #, Adjuster Information – if available) for both party’s involved.
  • Attorney Information – if applicable

Upon scheduling you will be emailed the Personal Injury New Patient Intake to complete and bring to your appointment.

Please expect your first Personal Injury New Patient appointment to take approximately 1 hour from start to finish.

Each Personal Injury Case may vary widely, therefore the Office Manager will discuss with you your billing options for treatment. You may be required to make a partial payment at each visit depending on your billing situation. We will do our best to ensure you have a smooth process, with no surprises, as best as we can!

Your first session with the doctor will consist of a Consultation, Examination, Report of Findings, Treatment, and Wellness Program, just like in a regular new patient visit. However, you will discuss the details of the accident with the doctor, and the injuries incurred as a result of the accident.

You will also be given a treatment plan in which you are to schedule follow-up appointments as directed, and complete home self-care to ensure the quickest and fullest recovery to pre-injury status as possible.