Personal Injury Patients

At Health & Human Performance we do accept Personal Injury patients on a case by case basis. If you have been in an automobile accident and have sustained injuries, we may be able to help. We know this is a stressful time, so we will do our best to ensure your care runs smoothly.

Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance, or the insurance of the other party involved, may pay for your care. The auto insurances of the involved drivers will investigate and report who is deemed at-fault.

Medical Payment (Med Pay)

If you have Medical Payments through your auto insurance it can help to pay your medical fees up front, so you do not have to pay out of pocket. It does not matter whether you were the at-fault party or not to use your Med Pay. If you were not deemed at-fault by the auto insurances, your premium cannot legally increase if you decide to use your Med Pay. If often costs only about $50-$100 every 6 months. If you are unsure if you have Med Pay or not, please call your insurance, it can be a big relief in times like these!

Personal Injury Attorney

Although not needed, we do recommend a Personal Injury Attorney if you are not comfortable negotiating for a settlement with the at-fault Auto Insurance. Settlement negotiations can be very stressful, especially if you do not know your rights. You are fully responsible for payment for your services, and an attorney can help to make the process easier. If you are looking for a P.I. Attorney, we do have recommendations for attorney’s we have personally worked with in our office before. Give us a call!

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